Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Motorcycle Tour Plan

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So as mentioned in my last post I am currently planning a motorcycle tour with a friend around the south eastern states of Australia. At the moment the trip will cover about 5000km as we head down the coast, through some coastal towns and inland areas. We will head through areas and landscapes like Braidwood, Snowy Mountains, Eden, Lakes Entrance, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Adelaide and back across western NSW. I have bought a few additional items for the bike for the ride which include a Airhawk cushion seat(which I will review), Ventura rack and Airblade visor. I’ve just done a service on the bike and replaced the front brake pads and new tyres allround. It will certainly be the longest ride I have ever done on the bike by far and hopefully I won’t regret it halfway through. ;) I have done long distance rides on it before covering 250 to 350km in a day and usually feel okay at the end. We will be in no rush and will take 2 weeks to ride and sight see. Our biggest concern at the moment is the rain and flooding in NSW at the moment. It has been a very wet Summer and continues into Autumn and we will be Camping !  

I will be bringing my camera, a small Asus laptop and recently purchased toy, the GoPro Hero 2 to create some video from the riders perspective. I bought a power socket, to charge the devices while we are riding. I will update the blog as we go and when I have net connection.

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