Sunday, 4 March 2012

Motorcycle Tour Day 1

So the day arrived, after a long night of packing and repacking to get everything on the bike. Sunday morning I rode down to my friends house to find him still packing as he was held up the night before. After a few hours waiting for him we headed off. We had decided to head north because of the heavy rains and flooding down south. The destination for the first night was Port Macquarie. This soon seemed fanciful as my mates bike began having tyre issues.

A puncture repair done by the previous owner wasn’t holding up and by the time we got to my parents place near Cessnock it was almost completely flat. We came prepared and after a few attempts we got the tyre repaired. It’s a temporary fix until we find some where to replace the tyre. It was now a quarter to four and we were never going make it to Port Macquarie so we decided on Gloucester as our new destination. We took the scenic route via Paterson and Dungog and reached Gloucester by 7pm with no additional problems. The lush landscape of rolling hills lit by a setting sun were quite magical but were spoilt by the Gopro housing fogging up!!;( We found a camp site and set up the tent ready for the night.
A quick stop at Petes Ridge to check the tyre

On the way to Gloucester

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  1. hope you had a good night and the sun is shining wherever you are heading today