Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Motorcycle Touring Day 2 - Gloucester to Tamworth

Our first night camping at Gloucester left us feeling even less energetic than when we arrived. In the morning we were concerned about my mates tyre as it had gone down considerably during the night. He made a few calls to Tamworth motorcycle shops to find another tyre to get fitted that day. The route had now changed and were by passing Port Macquarie completely. My Friends family has a farm 60km north of Tamworth that backs onto Watsons Creek Nature Reserve so we figured we would stay there that night.

Taken from Tibbuc Road. A tributary that heads to Wingham
An old bridge crossing at Tibbuc Road.
The ride along Thunderbolts Way to Tamworth was very scenic, hills were green and rivers were flowing. Reminded me of some countryside landscapes and rivers I’ve seen in England. The roads were windy and hilly so progress was slow.  It soon began to rain so the wet weather gear went on and we continued to Tamworth where we got the new tyre fitted.
A huge Pumpkin vine on the road reserve with very large pumpkins!

From there we headed up to the farm which took about an 1 hour and 30mins because of the rain turning hard clay in to slime in places along the dirt road. Having road tyres on the bike didn’t help. We got there in the end after I dropped my bike twice only lightly though with no damage. Not long after, low clouds and rain rolled in over the mountain. It was now 8pm and we could not see further than 20m.
The view from Thunderbolts Way To Moneycot Nature Reserve in the distance and the grazing country below

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