Saturday, 17 March 2012

Motorcycle Touring Day 9 - Noojee to Port Campbell

Lighthouse at Airey's Inlet

After a very cold Sunday night camping at a free camp ground in the woods near the small historic timber town of Noojee we headed off early at around 7.30am. We headed for Melbourne and then on to Torquay and the Great Ocean Road.We managed to get through Melbourne without paying tolls using my Tom Tom.

A river exiting to the ocean.

Field Burning or backburning in the distance
View East over the Apostles

View West from lookout over Apostles
View West over the Apostles

We arrived at Torquay just before midday. We had lunch, before heading off in the direction of the Great Ocean Road. We stopped at the south end of Bells beach for a bit before heading of to Aireys Inlet lighthouse. We stopped a few times at the various lookouts and took in the sights and sounds of the bustling Lorne town on this public holiday.  We arrived at the Apostles late in the afternoon lit by the setting sun.

We arrived at Port Campbell after a long day riding and decided a motel might be a more comfortable option that night.

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