Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Motorcycle Touring Day 11 - Wodonga to Sydney

We decided to leave fairly early on Wednesday morning from Wodonga so we could get to Sydney some time in the arvo or evening. We were a little over freeway riding so we took a mostly scenic route over the Snowy Mountains along the Alpine Way to Cooma, then Canberra, Goulbourn and then on to Sydney.

The Kosciuszko National Park landscape is beautiful and sometimes eery in the higher areas where there are areas of dead Eucalupts covering the mountains. I'm not sure what has caused this.The Alpine Way winds its way up through heavily timbered forests past the turbine power stations. Temperatures drop fairly quickly 5 to 10 degrees. Steep cliffs on one side and near vertical hills rising from the road on the other. There was evidence of recent rock falls and small subsidence from recent rains which had closed part of the road.

The road starts to open up as you approach the winter ski fields, sweeping down through grassy valleys and over bridges spanning flowing rocky rivers. There were alot of photo opportunities but not always the space to pull over. I had the GoPro going for most of it on 1080 video so when I have time I will edit it.

We decided to skip lunch at Cooma and head onto Canberra and Goulbourn. We had a late lunch / early dinner at 4.30pm in Goulbourn before heading to Sydney. It was a long 750km ride and we were quite tired and sore when we got home.

This first motorcycle trip was a great learning experience. There is something really special about touring on bikes. You feel closer to everything and feel more connected to the journey, places and landscapes you experience along the way. I think this will be the start of many.


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