Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Motorcycle Touring Day 10 - Port Campbell to Wodonga

Port Campbell is a little sea side town on on the Great Ocean Road between the Apostles and The Arch. It lies in a bay that has been cut out over time by the severe waves and winds. The cliffs are made of the same soft limestone rock as the Apostles and The Arch.  

Port Campbell - Wharf

Now that we were almost at the end of the Great Ocean Road, we were wondering where to go next and what to see. We didn't really want to go west any further at this stage as it just meant a longer trip home. We mapped out a route to Wodonga via Ballarat, Bendigo and Seymour. It would be a long ride but it would get us half way back to Sydney in one trip. It also bypassed Shepparton which was flooding.

The bikes at the Arch

We took a quick detour to the Arch and then headed north to Cobden and then stopped for lunch in Ballarat. We then headed on to Bendigo via the historic towns of Dalesford and Castlemaine. I haven't been to this area of the country in probably 15 to 20 years and was very suprised at how beautiful it is. These towns were built around gold rushes and show the wealth that this brought at the time through the historic buildings. I will certainly be returning soon to spend a little more time in the area.

We arrived in Wodonga in the evening about 6pm, after a long day on the bikes. We had travelled about 650km a mix of major back roads a freeways. We stayed in another motel because they are just so much more comfortable then camping! 

The Arch - Great Ocean Road
The lime stone

A small lookout near Daylesford
The lime stone

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