Sunday, 19 February 2012

Balcony Gardening - harvesting carrots & garlic

 Last weekend I harvested the carrots that were growing in one of the black recycling containers. Most have performed well and the soil was moist and loose and it was very easy to remove them. I think this was why this bunch of carrots has done better than some of the others. The largest carrots had basically reach the base of the planter and would not have grown much larger. The soil in the other two tubs that growing carrots got quite firm and I had to keep breaking it up. All the tubs had similar soil mixes but the potting mix brands did vary.
Harvested Carrots

 A few weeks ago I harvested all the garlic and ended up with a bit of a mix bag, some good some not so good but all very edible and tasty. The soil issues mentioned above was also apparent between the pots. The garlic has been great in cooking and I will need to replant some more when I have room.
Harvested Garlic

The other herbs and vegetables are doing well. I have been harvesting the leaves off the Iceberg lettuce as they grow, which has been good. The ginger continues to put up shoots and will need to be moved to a larger pot some time in the near future. I am getting a few strawberries but not a lot at this stage. They are also small so will investigate what I need to add to improve this. After the Garlic was harvested I spread the celery from its small pot into the pots that had the garlic. The move didn't shock it too much and is now growing well.

Strawberry Flowers
Ginger - 3 stalks

Young Iceberg Lettuce
Young Celery

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